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What allergens do By Simona products contain?

All TubCakes contain: milk, egg, soy, wheat. Some flavors contain tree nuts & peanuts in which case it will be noted in the description of each item 

All Macarons contain: tree nuts, eggs and milk. Some flavors may contain peanuts, soy and/or wheat in which case it will be noted in the description of each item 

All Cakies & Cookies contain: milk, wheat, eggs, & soy. Some flavors contain tree nuts & peanuts in which case it will be noted in the description of each item 

ALL Products are  manufactured in a facility that processes

milk, egg, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

How long do TubCakes stay fresh?

 TubCakes will last for 3 months in the freezer 

and up to 7 days in the refrigerator as long as the lid is properly closed

Do I have to refrigerate my TubCakes and Cakies?

Yes. TubCakes and Cakies contain dairy and must be refrigerated.

They can stay on display for up to a 6 hours after being refrigerated.

Cheesecake TubCakes can stay on display for up to 3 hours after being refrigerated.

*We recommend allowing your TubCakes and Cakies come to room temperature before indulging*

Are TubCakes just cake in a jar?

No way! Our TubCakes aren't just cake or a cupcake. Some have layers of brownie, whipped cream, mousse, puddings, custards and so much more!

Each flavor is unique in its own way

Are TubCakes nut-free for allergies?

Most of our flavors do not contain nuts (all aside from the obvious nut flavored ones.)

However, all TubCakes are made in a facility with nuts and may contain traces of nuts.

Can I customize my order?

Yes. Order a custom pack online to choose a variety of TubCake Flavors — or, for other customizations, email us at and describe the jar you’re dreaming up.
*Additional fees will apply.

I have been to your bakery and noticed dozens of Cupcake flavors. Can I get those same cupcake flavors in a TubCake even though they are not on your site?

Yes. All of our Simona’s Bakery Gourmet Cupcakes are available in TubCake form.

As we cycle through flavors every week, all of our flavor creations will have their time to shine on our rotation. 

If you are desiring a flavor that is not in our rotation that week, you are welcome to fill out the custom form, or email us at and ask if we are able to add a custom TubCake to your box. 

*Additional charges may apply.

Where can I buy TubCakes if I am at the
Jersey Shore?

You can call ahead for pick-up at Simona’s Bakery located at 2201 Highway 35 Sea Girt, NJ. Call us to place an order at 732-223-8373

Are Baked By Simona Desserts shipped frozen?

TubCakes are shipped with 2 day shipping with an ice pack. Make sure to refrigerate upon arrival. Or, just dig in!

Does Baked by Simona deliver to my town?

Yes! We ship nationally (in the U.S.) so everyone can enjoy

Simona’s Bakery Treats

Can I travel with my TubCakes?

Yes, TubCakes are designed to travel well. Just freeze overnight before traveling and bring ice packs to keep your jar cool and comfortable.

When will I get my order? 

We ship our desserts Wednesday-Friday with USPS priority mail. You should receive your package 3 days after being shipped

My package arrived damaged! What do I do?

Everything that leaves us is thoroughly checked and made sure that it is up to standards in all ways. However, once a box leaves HQ and is in transit it is out of our hands. Although we take  precautions by packaging our desserts properly, packages and desserts SOMETIMES get damaged through transit. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any damages, delays or weather conditions. If you are not happy with these terms, we respectfully ask you not to order with us.  

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